Titchy Threads - Rowan Tee

Hey guys!
So.. you are probably thinking, 'hey Toni hasn't posted for ages. What's the deal?'

Simple answer is that I have been burnt out just like a lot of others. But last week Laura and I had a funny conversation.
"I'm sewing 4 Rowan tees"
"Really? Come on the blog tour!"

And that's how it goes.

So on to the Rowan Tee. I love this pattern so much, I bought it. Haha! I helped Laura test the Rowan, but my bloggy break made me think about the fact that I have never bought any of Laura's patterns... And they are seriously awesome. I trust them. They are graded and nested properly. They fit. Every. Time. So I felt like it was time to cough up haha :-) (and if you sign up for the Titchy Threads Newsletter during the tour there in an awesome discount code!)

Then I went and got myself some tees to upcycle. And for a few dollars, Elijah has 4 new shirts for summer :-) The rowan is now my staple pattern for tees. Here are the four basic tees I sewed up xx

Baby Peasant Dress

A dear friend of mine had a little baby girl so of course I have to send something handmade to them :) This is the free baby peasant dress from Sew Much Ado.

I cut down the neckline seam allowance slightly to make a bias tape facing. I hate trying to fold and sew necklines, such a perfectionist :) I also rounded the hem slightly so it didn't have a pointy shape.

After I had given it, I realised buttons probably aren't the best idea on baby clothes. I hope she doesn't think bad of me :P

Another Boo! Designs Lilly Skirt

Today I am posting another Boo! Designs Lilly Skirt. This one is a single layer skirt which is an upcycle. I bought this awesome print as a tank top, but it shrunk in the wash. I am so glad to see it get a second chance! The print is going diagonal but I don't mind it.

Sis Boom Maddie

Today I am showing you a Sis Boom Maddie, modified at the back to have an elastic casing. I love the way this little dress turned out!

Review of the "Introduction to Adjustment Layers & Masks" class

So have you guys ever heard of Damien Symonds? I know his name doesn't circle around sewing blogs, but I thought I might share a little bit about his classes and photoshop training with you all.

Recently I signed up to my very first online Adobe Photoshop training class from Mr Symonds, Introduction to Adjustment Layers and Masks. Currently he offers three photoshop classes with two more in production and I am definitely keen to take them all. If you want to see why I feel that way, you absolutely have to go and check out his portfolio.

Although a basic introduction to PS, the intro to layers and masks class is comprehensive and most definitely worth the price tag. I have learnt the foundation skills of photoshop to make me feel much more confident in posting blog pictures. Below I am showing you a photo that I edited after the class.

I have been training my eye more and more to see the things that can be improved. You see, Damien's classes focus on 'clean processing' (click the link for an explanation). And it is really not something you get the hang of straight away. In the edit below I had a couple of main aims. One was to remove the strong yellow cast on his fast and cool down the hot areas of skin. The other was to bring out some of the shadows so that the contrast on his face was less noticeable.

The workflow I used to achieve this edit was by no means perfect. And I doubt that I could recreate it again exactly. I definitely have a keen interest about learning good clean processing and Photoshop skills.

I highly recommend that you join Mr Symond's free Facebook group, Ask Damien. Through which I have learnt a bucket load of information. Some of the things I have been learning include:

Honestly I could go on all day providing you links, but I will leave it up to you to find all the goodies :)
Let me know if you have any questions!

Oliver + S Sketchbook Shorts

Hello! Recently I made Elijah a nice pair of shorts for when we go out. They are the Oliver + S sketchbook shorts.

They are a size 4, and the only change I made was to serge the waistband on instead of enclosing the seams.

I cut up an old pair of men's business pants to make them, best way to make a nice pair of shorts for boys who just wreck everything anyway.

Sew Fab Pattern Tour - the Norah Dress

Hello, today I am excited to be a part of the Sew Fab Pattern Tour! I love this sale each season and this time I got to sew up something for my baby niece.

I was given this wonderful retro print fabric to make some girls clothes, but it is a bit thicker then regular cotton. I am sure it is drill so I didn't think it would work too well for skirts. I decided on a basic a-line shaped dress for winter.

Well. I searched high and low for a basic A-line dress pattern and I wasn't too happy about the choices. When I was asked by Jenny if I would like to sew along with the tour, I was so so happy to see the Mouse House Creations Norah dress and tunic on the list! It was perfect.

Of course I love the collar details and sleeved versions, but the basic a-line shape was just what I was after!

I had not yet added a button when I took these pictures, big rush before the trip and all. I left all the hand sewing for some nights around the camp when things get a bit dull :)

Oh and looking at the back here... I realise the pattern matching was pretty non-existent. The print was off grain and I made the decision not to worry too much about it.

I really love the Norah pattern and I can see myself making quite a few more for the girls in my life. It is a really solid staple pattern in this seasons bundle. So guys, the Sew Fab sale ends tomorrow! Go get it quickly!

You can purchase the Sew Fab Spring Pattern Bundle for $29.95 this week only! The sale ends on May 13th, and once it's over, it's over. You can support independent pattern designers by purchasing the bundle from any of the designers below.

Sew Fab Spring 2014 collage

(Designers in order from Top left to right) Greenstyle Creations, Handmade Therapy, MODKID, Everything Your Mama Made, The Scientific Seamstress, Figgy's Patterns, Two Sweets Patterns, Things for Boys, Patchwork Posse, Betz White, LBG Studio, Mouse House Creations, Gingercake, Heidi & Finn, Sumo's Sweet Stuff, Terra's Treasures, Paisley Roots, Molly Blossom Designs, Sewing Mama RaeAnna. Sale sponsored by The Southern Institute.

BOO! Designs Lilly Skirt

Hey guys :-) so yes I am off on holidays but I have a bunch of recent makes to show you. Today I am posting a Boo! Designs Lilly Skirt.

It is in the smallest size and was made from two fat quarters of fabric :) Someone commented on my instagram feed that the rain drops were going the wrong way but I didnt really like it the other way around.

I followed all the directions exactly and didnt think too hard about construction. It was nice.

The waistband is adjustable, makes me feel more confident that I am giving a gift that will fit for a long time.

So I have some more girl stuff to show you, maybe one for the boys too. xx