Titchy Threads - Rowan Tee

Hey guys!
So.. you are probably thinking, 'hey Toni hasn't posted for ages. What's the deal?'

Simple answer is that I have been burnt out just like a lot of others. But last week Laura and I had a funny conversation.
"I'm sewing 4 Rowan tees"
"Really? Come on the blog tour!"

And that's how it goes.

So on to the Rowan Tee. I love this pattern so much, I bought it. Haha! I helped Laura test the Rowan, but my bloggy break made me think about the fact that I have never bought any of Laura's patterns... And they are seriously awesome. I trust them. They are graded and nested properly. They fit. Every. Time. So I felt like it was time to cough up haha :-) (and if you sign up for the Titchy Threads Newsletter during the tour there in an awesome discount code!)

Then I went and got myself some tees to upcycle. And for a few dollars, Elijah has 4 new shirts for summer :-) The rowan is now my staple pattern for tees. Here are the four basic tees I sewed up xx


  1. basic, but beautiful. so pretty much perfect! and those pictures are gorgeous! his eyes shine!

  2. So pleased to have you back :) Those T-shirts all look amazing on your gorgeous boy! You are so sweet to buy the pattern too, I didn't realise until now. Thank you for all the support my friend.

  3. Perfect! looks like they are bought from a shop!

  4. that darker blue one really suits him! so do the others but that one is the most striking. I love that you're making basic shirts look totally epic!!