Another Flashback

Howdy guys


I sewed up this flashback skinny tee a few weeks ago, you may have spotted it in the shorts post. I just hadnt gotten around to blogging about it, so here it is! :)


This tee is actually a size 4. I had intended it to be for Elijah.


The material is from an upcycled ladies tee. It was a boatneck tee and so I had no neckband to work with, so I cut it from the scraps I had left. But... because it doesn't have a lot of stretch, the neckband wouldn't go over Elijah's head!


So it was passed down to his younger brother :) it is still a little bit of a tight squeeze and as he grows it will become impossible. I think I will attempt to make an opening in the back of the neck, following Abby's tutorial. It looks like a pretty easy process.


The shorts were Elijah's too. I tend to sew more for Elijah, because then I know that my sewing efforts are going to get worn by both of them.



I don't know what it is about boys and sticks :)


  1. Haha my girls are the same when it comes to sticks. They are drawn to them like a magnet! The tee looks great! x

  2. Such a shame it didn't quite fit Elijah...those big heads can be so annoying! Glad you can still make use of it though. Adding the opening is pretty straight forward. Interface your pieces well and you'll be right.

  3. Oh that is cute! My two are the same - love the sticks!

  4. Gorgeous tee! I had the same problem recently with a recess raglan I made for my 3 yo. First tried using the neckband from the mens tshirt I upcycled to make it, used a triple stretch stitch, no good so ripped it out, then tried overlocking, still didn't fit. Then used some rib knit I got from spotty, overlocked it then used triple stretch stitch to top stitch. Success! Soooo frustrating when you make something for them that doesn't fit!!

  5. Cute tee and shorts! You could buy some ribbing for the neckline? Super stretchy and it would be really cheap as you only need a little bit.