In The Beginning...

It has been interesting for me to look at my past projects, and get a sense of my sewing style and how much I have learned. I cant show you everything I have sewn, but its has been fun to round up the general path I have followed to get to where I am now.

I have not been sewing for very long. Even though I would pick out dress patterns and fabrics for my mum to sew for me, I didn't take an interest in sewing until I had my boys.

Looking at the projects I take on now, you would never guess where my love of all things sewing originated! I came up with an idea to sew up some soft toys to act out stories with my two boys. While doing some google searching, I stumbled upon the blog While She Naps, and her series on Soft Toy Design.

Elephant Softie

That's when I sewed up this little guy. Pretty cute huh? He was named Stumpy.

 photo stumpy_zpsf3d8f4c4.jpg

I look back and think, why on earth did I not realise this probably was not a good first project? All those small turns and intricate details. Anyhow, I lost interest and moved on...

One benefit of my brief softie stint was that I was made aware that sewing blogs existed! Some google searching lead me to the blog Make It & Love It. I had a go at making a Boys Vest, but that project ended with a seam ripping accident and went in the bin. Then I had a go at making a Dolman Top for myself... The tutorial made it look so easy.

Dolman Top photo top_zpsf3220257.jpg

It looks pretty good in this picture.. but alas I never wore it. It was a slinky slippery knit, which I sewed surprisingly well on my mum's old overlocker.

 photo top2_zps6e902ef1.jpg

Argh, a mistake! I hated the sight of it. I probably could have unpicked it, but instead I shoved it in a container and left it alone. Once again I moved on... Finally I found my niche...Kids clothing!

Charley Bear PJs photo pj1_zps83acb640.jpg

I discovered Dana and Rae's wonderful series, Celebrate The Boy! And the rest was history...

Upcycled PJ pants photo pj3_zps6a59008f.jpg
Clean Slate Shorts photo shorts_zps089ff546.jpg

How do you feel when you look back at past projects? :)


  1. My past projects were wayyyyyyyy less than awesome than yours! I made tee shirts with the stretch going the wrong way, skirts out of old gauzy curtains that had holes in them. So bad. But I loved them and so did my friends because I was making stuff! Haha. Now I look back and I'm like ... Wow.... What??

    Your stuff is amazing! I cannot wait to see more of it! Are you excited about ElsieMarley's KCW?

  2. Oh I love Stumpy! My first projects were bunting for a friend's baby and some hand sewn things, like a little felt owl pincushion. They were pretty average but I was pretty thrilled with them at the time!

    I think I'll have to do KCWC for the first time this year - I've always wanted to then it creeps up on me and I forget!

  3. Sometimes I cringe at my past projects and sometimes I amaze myself!! Keep on's all good!!

    Looking forward to more posts...following!

    Darlene from My Honey Bunch

  4. Well done Toni-Maree. When I first read your guest post that you wrote for my blog, I thought you would do a good job of blogging and this is not a surprise. It is fun and inspirational! I agree with Roslyn and Mel on Stumpy by the way.
    (Sorry, I must have not had enough sleep. I keep writing and deleting my post. Grrhhh...)

  5. This is awesome. I have still to set up a blog and it is great to see how others go about it. I will be following eagerly along :)

    1. Awe thank you Charley. I was so nervous setting this up and I am so glad that there has been a number of encouraging comments. There is an awesome community of sewers and bloggers out there!

  6. Congrats on your first post!!!! Welcome to Blogland!!! lol

    LOVE those upcycled pants... upcycles are awesome.

    I love looking back at my early projects and seeing how far I've come over the last couple of years. Having a blog is the best way to document it all too ;-)

    Can't wait to

  7. Oh, very cute stuff! I made a similar knit top and blogged about it recently. It was a dolman sleeve top made out of knit, but not that slippery knit, just regular jersey. I have some of that slippery knit (they call it slinky fabric) and I am terrified to sew with it! I bought it to make a pants and top for my mom, but it really has such a drape and slide and slickness to it. A walking foot would help.