KCW - Kids Clothes Week

Kids Clothes Week, or KCW, is coming soon! The challenge is to sew for 1 hour per day, for one week, focusing on children's clothes. I'm in! And now I have to decide what my boys need me to sew them.

In the lead up to this season's challenge, I thought I would show you guys what I completed last season. Not a bad effort for one week huh?

Blank TankBlank Tank

Clean Slate Shorts

Clean Slate Shorts

Clean Slate Shorts

Each of the shorts had different details. The brown shorts had a working zipper fly, the tyre print had 4 patch pockets and the striped seersucker had welt pockets. (More pics here).

Clean Slate Shorts Welt Pockets

Clean Slate Shorts Patch Pockets

My biggest tip would be to decide what you are going to sew, and cut it out before the week begins. I had so much motivation to sew because everything was ready to go! I also did not change thread colour, which helped too.

The best thing of all, my boys have worn these clothes over and over again all summer! It makes it so worth it, so rewarding.

If you haven't heard of KCW (formerly known as KCWC, Kids Clothes Week Challenge), find out all you need to know at Elsie Marley and then visit the brand new blog for Kids Clothes Week.

Will you be joining in? Let me know. I'm excited!

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