Oliver + S Bucket Hats x 6

Do you ever take on a project thinking it is the BEST idea ever, only to later regret starting in the first place?

Bucket hats

I kind of got that feeling with this project! 6 hats in a row... I am the type to jump around from project to project, rarely repeating one. 4 of these hats were for gifts.

 photo DSCN3914_zps1dbe7714.jpg

The pattern was the Free Oliver + S Bucket Hat. I had heard some stories about it being too small, and the seams not lining up. I am happy to report that I had no such trouble, and I sewed them up in 3 sizes.

I topstitched almost every possible seam. Top-stitching is my favourite detail for boys. I don't know why, I just love it.

Next post up I will detail my main tip when sewing the crown to the side panels, and also how I kept it fun while sewing 6 of them in a row.

Pattern: Oliver + S Bucket Hat Pattern [free download]
Fabric Type: Cotton Drill for main and lining
Interfacing: Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing on the brim only.
Notes: Measured my children's heads and went with the size that fit the measurement. For my 3yo this meant using the size large.

Some action shots for you, from a holiday to Narooma, NSW :)

 photo DSCN4124_zpse3336f9a.jpg

 photo DSCN4183_zps9af25b10.jpg

Can you tell my boys are Thomas obsessed? :)

Bucket Hats photo DSCN4141_zpsc8a7d361.jpg

 photo DSCN4158_zps411c7495.jpg

Bucket Hats photo DSCN4176_zps5349f218.jpg


  1. They look great, especially on your gorgeous boys! I'm not very good at making the same thing more than once either, but I've made 4 of these...although not all at the same time!

  2. Oh lovely, I was so going to make these then got side tracked

  3. They look great Toni-Maree! I've had no trouble with this pattern either and love the results!

  4. They look fabulous Toni-Maree. No wonder you kept going. When you do a good job on something, just keep doing the same thing, I say. :)

  5. They are gorgeous! I had plans to make this pattern last year, then we went shopping one day and the girls begged for hats when they saw some cute ones at Big W. Ah well! Next year!

  6. I saw these on The Train to Crazy -- you did so well, especially making 6 (!). My toddler's taken to wearing more of a fedora style now, but I'd like to make him one of these for the beach this summer.

  7. Looks like these hats have a nice, wide brim! They look great.

  8. The bucket hats look great. I should check out that pattern because my kids are in need of some new hats!


  9. thankyou so much, i attempted a couple of hats by hand this summer, and wore my wonky creation, these are excellent.

  10. thankyou excellent, mine were a bit wonky.

  11. HI, I just found your blog and love it. :)
    I love this pattern and have been making these hats for a few years. The top stitching is key....and I love using glow in the dark thread for it!
    I have made so many that I've make the band with only one seam to be seen in the back! Sometimes I embroider the front of the band...sometimes it's a homemade patch. I keep saying I want to add a pocket to the side....maybe when the kids start fishing.
    I then adapted it for an adult...and it made the cutest wide brim floppy hat!
    This is a go to pattern for me!
    They wash up really well too!

    The hats you made last year are so cute!
    So glad I found your blog...Kollabora, via Parcel Post!