On My Sewing Table...

Do you have a hundred sewing projects running through your mind at any one time? Yeah I do.

I have a whole list of to-dos and I thought I would let you guys in on some of my plans, and get some suggestions as well.

  • An Oliver + S Sketchbook and Sis Boom Ethan Shirt mish mash.


  • A pin cushion or two.
  • Wedding ring holder thingo that I am totally going to make up.
  • Possibly a phone case.
  •  Bind these gifts! I have to do this ASAP before it becomes a UFO!


  • Figure out what to do with some lovely gifts I have been given.


  • A Collette Sorbetto.
  • Something quilty... for Ros' sew-a-long which I am expecting soon!
  • I need some sugestions here! What should I do with these boys fabrics? Do you think they co-ordinate well?

  • Sewing

What is on your to-do list? Please comment and tell me I am not the only one with a huge pile of to-do's!

P.S. I didn't list them all! Haha


  1. I have SO many. I keep a list and cross things off (so satisfying!)Then little projects crop up and I do those, then go back to the list.

    The sew along will be announced this week! Get your 5" squares ready!

  2. I'm more of a "start 7 different thing and finish one" kind of gal myself. Not at all satisfying.:/ I think I need to figure out a way to sew for necessity rather than just for fun or something.

  3. I don't have loads of sewing, just three but I have so many craft projects it's not funny.

    I'm quilting along too yay, today I did some sewing and cut the lining the wrong way GRRR! Lucky I had enough to recut :)

  4. There are some errors on the sketchbook shorts. Make sure you check the errata on the O+S website before cutting out

  5. So many! For tomorrow, boxers, pajamas, and little boy ties for my nephews birthday :)