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Along with the changes to the appearance and feel of Sew Jereli, I wanted to change up the email delivery system.

Previously when you followed my blog via email, Feedburner would send an email after every post. Apart from looking pretty terrible, these emails can be missed so easily and generally ignored.

How do I know this? Because I am guilty of the same.

I used to follow my favourite blogs by email, but it can get annoying. Unfortunately no blogger can produce content that I find 100% interesting, 100% of the time. So it is safe to say that you guys may feel the same way about me.

A monthly newsletter is a great solution. I can let you guys know what I have been posting about on the blog and a few things that have caught my attention around blog land. You can click what you please and then move on! Woohoo.

So if you like my blog, but really don't have the time to be reading every email or even checking in regularly, why not sign up to the newsletter and check back in here once a month? Sound good? :)

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