Handmade Winter - Recipe Review

You know here in Sydney, Australia we recently had a heat wave. For a week straight we had over 40°C [104°F] temperatures. Then overnight it turned cold and rainy, perfect timing to try out one of the meals from the e-book Handmade Winter.

Scrolling through all the delicious recipes, I picked out the 'Tarragon Chicken with Beer Roasted Root Vegetables' by Bonnie Rush from A Golden Afternoon


I could not find tarragon in the shops so I switched it out for some thyme, and it was definitely yummy!


I had never cooked with fennel before, so that was really good to try. The whole family enjoyed the meal.

Another blog hop participant, Lacy made a lovely post about all the wintery eats in the book and they all look delicious. You can also browse through this gorgeous flipbook to see all the recipes and projects that people have tested out.

Handmade Winter also has an incredible video to show you what you will receive, brought to you by Dave Cooper Photography and featuring the gorgeous Jennifer from Classic Play. Check it out!

Grab your copy of Handmade Winter here.

So, I am also interested... what did you think of my very first non-sewing post? :) x


  1. Looks yummy! I think it's noce to see something different and boy oh boy the weather here in Melbourne has been just as hot and horrid!

  2. Ooh yum! I love tarragon, but can never buy it. I used to grow it at the old house...really should grow some more.

  3. Yeah my husbands background is Polish and he LOVES fennel. I like experimenting, and this turned out so yummy :)