Crisis averted

It was a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining clear down on a relaxed breezy home. It was one of those days that you open every window and door to enjoy the fresh scent of Autumn air as it passes through the house.

As in every family home, evenings are charged with activity. Dinner is cooked, kids are bathed and dressed in their pajamas and I am of course busy cleaning up after everyone. A nice glass of wine is well deserved after all that work.

That night, a storm rolled through, it was strong and windy. I love listening to the sounds of thunder as I lay in bed. And as I lay there, drifting off to sleep, some of the windows were still open. And my poor sewing machines were sadly sitting in front of one of them.

The next morning, when I entered my sewing room, a fresh pool of water gleamed on the sewing desk. Can you imagine the feelings I had at that moment? How would you feel? My heart dropped through the pit of my stomach. What a stupid thing to do! Why didn't I think of that window? Is it ruined! NO!! MY BABY IS ONLY A YEAR OLD.

I unplugged the machine and immediately ran off to find a screw driver. I have no idea about sewing machines but I knew I had to take it apart to see the damage. Without stopping to take note of what I was doing, each and every screw I could see came out one by one and was dumped in a pile. A few drops of water were falling onto my fingers and I feared the worst.

My husband came in to help take the plastic cover apart. My heart was pumping as we unclipped the front from the back to reveal the dark metal body of my naked machine. I had to leave her alone for a few days to dry.

I am so relieved to tell you, she is all back together and working properly. But I am going to treat her carefully as we try to forget this terrible incident. This post is serving as a form of therapy for me, I needed to get this off my chest. So friends, please tell me your sewing horror story and make me feel a bit better. I feel like a bad mother who just left her baby out in the rain.


  1. Melissa Lea-WoodMarch 26, 2014 1:16 pm

    Oh no, I am so glad that it wasn't ruined! One of the kids got into my craft room and played with the tension on my overlocker and it took me 5 hours to get it back to normal. and I had to rethread it...for the first time and I can tell you wine was going to cut it after that...but I didnt have anything stronger in the house LOL

  2. oh dear! So glad your machine is ok. Our roof leaked all over my cutting table, so it's got ugly brown stains on it.

  3. Hahaha! Ohhh no kids in the craft room always equals trouble huh! Glad you made it through :)

  4. Eek at least it was that table and not the machines huh? haha

  5. Alisa @ A Stitch in BetweenMarch 27, 2014 12:36 pm

    Im very glad it isn't ruined but how stressful!! My sewing horror involves me catching my husband cutting packing tape with my fabric scissors.

  6. What a trauma! Glad to hear that both yourself and your one-year-old-much-loved baby are doing fine. I feel for you!