KCW Starts Today!

Kids Clothes Week has begun. Basically the challenge is to sew for one hour a day, for one week! Go sign up and join in the fun :) Its cold and rainy outside at my place today, perfect for sewing.

KCW Projects

So here are my plans:

One pair of Clean Slate Pants. These are an upcycle from a men's pair of pants, I am planning a working zipper fly and belt loops too!

Two pairs of flannel PJ pants.

And if these plans are finished? ...I don't know but I will think of something.

I will post when I finish something, so with at least 1 hour per day dedicated sewing time you should hear from me again soon :D

Now get sewing! x


  1. oh yay, I have been thinking of doing a skirt but this week is not looking good.

  2. Darn...love the plan, but this week is too full on for me as well

  3. I'm doing some coastal cargos, though they will be Church pants, so no cargo pockets. Can't wait to see how your clean slate pants turn out!