Quilted Mat Sew Along And Some News Of A Big Day

First of all, I am participating in a Quilted Mat Sew Along hosted by Ros over at Sew Delicious. Here is the top of my mat sewn together.

I loved using some of the FQs that I have randomly gathered over the last year.
Can you tell I love blue and greenish blues?

Some of the squares were pretty uneven, but I eased them into the larger ones to make sure the seam lines met. Can anyone tell me if this is the wrong thing to do? I guess I will find out soon.

Also. I have a bit of news. The blog has significantly slowed in the last two weeks because my energy is focused elsewhere. I am getting married! :)

The dress is going to be a Sewaholic Cambie sewn up by a beautiful seamstress who is a dear friend of mine. When she heard I wasn't going to sew my dress, she insisted that she would. This is the trial dress. It is the view A, but the real thing will be a slightly longer view B.

The fabric we picked out is soooo stripey! Haha I think we were distracted by the satin and lace choices we had. Very very few adjustments were needed! LOVE Tasia's patterns.

This is some scraps from the real dress that I have to make the boys bow ties. I am getting so excited now it is all coming together. I cant picture the dress at all, others can. I cant wait to see it!

So please forgive my bloggy absence, and I will make it up to you with some pictures of the big day :) x


  1. Can't wait to see your dress! Congratulations :)

  2. How exciting! Congratulations and good luck with all the preparation. Looking forward to the photos!

  3. That is going to be gorgeous, I can't wait to see it! And congratulations to your family!!

  4. How exciting indeed!! Beautiful dress (pattern!) too :) Can't wait to see the real deal!

  5. How exciting! Can't wait to see wedding pics in the near future! I love the colours you've chosen for your mat. Such a fun little sew along :)

  6. GAH! I cannot wait until I see your wedding dress! Your mat is looking lovely too - thanks for joining in even though you are in the middle of such a busy time. I am with you - love aquas and teals.


  7. Great news, congratulations ! And your dress will be really pretty, I hope you will share some pictures with us !

  8. I'm excited to see the dress! I love the striped version:) wearable Muslims rock! Congrats on getting married!